Long time no blog and that's for good reasons! I have been very busy for the past month with the upcoming Elisa 0.5 which is now shaping up quite nicely thanks to the amazing developers gathered around the project.

The main goal of the 0.5 is to make it really easy to integrate any kind of services in Elisa (think social networking, shared music libraries, VOIP, etc.). It required quite a shift in the way the user interface was built up. As a side effect, that meant rewriting part of the Elisa UI as we know it. If you check out the branch today you will not have the media centric UI we were used to because it has to be rebuilt. Until it's reborn a nice plugin browser will welcome you: we call it "the shelf" plugin. See for yourself:


Screencast of Elisa's shelf plugin

As usual it's a bit laggish because of the screencasting but in real life it's perfectly fluid at 60fps with virtually 0% CPU usage. For those who are eager to contribute please be sure to go straight to the contribute page which has been updated with brand new step by step tutorials.

On the software engineering side of things, I'd like to thank a great deal all the Bazaar team and specifically Aaron Bentley for its awesome Bundle Buggy merge tracker that allows us to get our head around the code by following the "Decentralized with human gatekeeper" workflow quickly described on the Bazaar website.

As usual code is available:

bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~elisa-developers/elisa/0.5 elisa