The telmatobius jelskii is a semi-aquatic frog from Peru for which breeding takes place in streams. That's how Elisa 0.3.4 was born, in the streams of ideas flowing towards improving the solid basis we already had. Following the idea that Elisa should not get between you and your media, a lot of small yet important details related with how the user interacts and feels the user interface got in the release.

People eager to try it can get the tarballs from the official website. Unofficial Ubuntu packages are also available for Gutsy and Hardy on the packages page.


Telmatobius frog from northern Chile [1]

For people into frogs, this "[...] species is locally affected by harvesting for both food and traditional medicine, and by water pollution (from agrochemicals and domestic waste)." and is part of the Red List of Threatened Species.

[1] Thanks to José Grau de Puerto Montt for making this photo available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0