Ostrava's blazon.

Ostrava is a reasonably old city and the capital of the Moravian-Silesian region ('Moravskoslezský'). It is located at the extreme east of the country. From there, one can reach Poland and Slovakia very quickly. It is also the third biggest city of Czech Republic, just after Brno and Prague. But more importantly, it is Jan's and Karolina's hometown!


A hug for the sick girl.

Wikipedia tells us that during the communist era Ostrava was the steel heart of the republic. According to Jan, a few years ago while the black coal mining was still active, black snow would fall. Nowadays, the main remainings of these activities are the nearby still burning mountains where the excavations were carried out.

I let your eyes savour some of the nice places of Ostrava.


Ostrava's main square: always nice to watch people caught by the fountains :)


Antonín Dvořák Theatre: nothing to do with the famous Mr Dvorak...


Ostrava's townhall: odd statue!


Ostrava from the townhall's tower.

These three days were a breeze. Jan, as a perfect host, took us to all the good public and confidential places. Thanks for that! We will have to show you around and you will get to taste all the wine, cheese and gourmet meals of our country :)


Hull's twins fighting the wind.


Olivier loves Czech Republic!


And we sure love Jan's friends :)

Stodolni street is the rendez-vous for all those who want to enjoy the night in Ostrava. It is really famous and has even got its own website.


Stodolni street: we'll be back!


Jan's family is just ...


... awesome!


It's so realistic!


They even put some bogeys!


All you need to remember on one photo!

Back to work now! Na shledanou a měj se hezky!